IT Strategy

Posted: 15. October 2009 in Uncategorized

As our department is responsible for the IT Strategy and the Roadmaps for some weeks now, I just want to share some views and concerns and of course also some lessons learned.

In each and every transition phase of whatever topic to another person or department, it comes to the question: What do you actually want to transfer?
Therefore, of course you need a good understanding on what is on the plate.

Now, IT Strategy and Roadmaps seems to be an easy task. However, it isn’t as in our case the intention was to transfer the IT Strategy and Roadmaps, but not the Strategy of the IT Department.
So people had to understand that first, there is a difference between the IT Strategy of the IT environment (whatever that means) and the IT Strategy of the department actually managing the IT environment.
Some, maybe many, people were confused and always struggeled to differenciate between both.

Then, we had to communicate again and again to not loosing the people’s committment.

But why shall we care of the committment of the people?
Don’t we create the IT Strategy and tell the people what to do?
Well, this is my next lessons learned that everything we do in an IT Department IS the IT Strategy.

To me IT Strategy consists of multiple key elements.
1. Objectives describing the desired target state.
2. Strategic directrions in order to achive the objectives
3. Strategic roadmaps reflecting the strategic directions in order to break the long term view into long, mid and short term views

4. Several deliverables reflecting the strategic directions and strategic roadmaps such as

  • IT landscapes
  • Product roadmaps
  • Infrastructure roadmaps
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Portfolio Management
  • etc.

As many people support the creation, change, adoption, manage, share and publish of all deliverables, they logically ARE the IT Strategy.

So it is not only a group of people within the IT department, but all people in the IT department.

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