Product – Platform – Application – Infrastructure – Component

Posted: 20. October 2009 in Uncategorized

I guess I am not the only one struggeling with the definition and differentiation for products, platforms, applications, components and all those other words used to desribe what systems or IT things and entities are.

In my case a product has been defined as something, which can be sold to a customer and has a SLA (Service Level Agreement), Product Description, Cost Model, etc.

A platform, an application and an infrastructure [product] are sub categories of product, i.e. a platform x is part of the group product. It’s like generalization and specialization in the UML world.

A component’s defined as one piece of a product, independent if it is a platform, infrastructure or applications product. Either one component or multiple componants make a product, then.

The term “system” is not yet reflected so far and I know that there a some definitions for system. However, we did not consider it in our world so far.

Now, as this is still completely related to IT, how would you encapsulate it for customers, who do not care what ever IT thing is behind the product?

And where would you place the term service?

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