Posted: 1. December 2009 in observation, tools
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Just registered at and I really have to say: easy going!
Purpose was to check out how easy it is to built own apps in the cloud and how to host own web sites.

A set of videos helps you out and provides helpful information.


I understood how to build own apps, although I faced some more complex processes to follow and data sheets to fill in.

How to build web sites, I did not discover yet. But, I’ll be sure to find the right path soon 😉

  1. cca15 says:

    Great intro….made me curious! However, do you need to have a clear idea in mind on what you want to do before you join or do the ideas first come once you are in?

    • treboranad says:

      both, you get inspired and you would have to know what type of app you wanna create. Otherwise, there is just to many things to do, before your app goes life.

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