Social Media: Not only IT, not only Business!

Posted: 1. December 2009 in observation
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Just a quick observation on discussions about social media!

For some month I am observing that each and every one’s talking about Social Media, right?
(if not, just do not continue reading 😉

In bigger organizations, which have multiple business units and divisions, multiple departments for IT, marketing, communication and product management do exist, right?
(if not, you know what to do 😉

So far nothing wrong with it. What I want to point out in this post is, that each and everyone

  • talks about social media
  • derives actions for approaching social media in his/her department
  • sets strategies
  • creates processes and solutions

What I miss is the alignment between the business and IT world prior to any decision and implementation.
Most of us would agree that information exchange and foster collaboration bring things forward much faster than inventing processes and solutions twice.

Furthermore, too much money is thrown out for concepts, strategies, principles, recommendations, etc., which we need only once – aligned!

Why not:

  1. Use your network to identify existing initiatives
  2. Use existing (governance) bodies to address this topic
  3. (Create necessary bodies in order to streamline activities)
  4. Collaborate and just do it!
  5. Check again that you have the right people on board!

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