New Bus’ Notebook (Lenovo vs Sony)

Posted: 24. April 2011 in consultant

“Either you love it or you don’t love it”.
This applies to many situations in our daily life. Here, this could be used for notebooks as well.
Either you love Lenovo notebooks or you don’t.

I do really like Lenovo notebooks, especially the X-Series. They perfectly fit into my usage behaviour.

But there is one thing that really makes me unhappy – The screen’s resolution.
Why is it only 1366 x 768 max on a 13,3 inch!?
Sony can make it FullHD on 13,3 inch and so should Lenovo.

This is probably the most discussed disadvantage of Lenovo notebooks.

Being in a project having more than 50 people working for it, the Sony Z Series is the far most represented model.
And yes, they are fantastic and really well stuffed with up to date parts.

Now, I am comparing Lenovo’s X-Series with Sony’s Z-Series.

Pure facts sheet comparison will make me buy a Sony instead of Lenovo.
My only hope is the announced X1 from Lenovo, which shall be released soon.
(as I could wait another month before buying)

So, this post is to support all the other threads on Lenovo’s bad screen resolution. It is not Sony marketing, although it could be.

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