A Thought On Google’s Strategy

Posted: 17. May 2011 in thinker

Recalling the hype around Google during it’s start up phase and later on the critics on their missing strategy how to compete against other start ups like facebook, twitter, etc. forced Google to again think carefully about their next step in order to remain a leader in their business.

Reading several comments and watching several pre-marketing videos of Google make me think that they’ve heavily understood the Cloud idea and will come up with new stuff very soon like the “cloud computer” or the “music beta” service.
Both services enable (even force) the user to just use the cloud for what it is for … Have your data and information you need just in there and use it from everywhere.

Although, the end user will have to understand the idea and more importantly accept the changing model of data and information storage, I am convinced that this will boost the cloud idea.

Many hurdles have to be taken still like data privacy or speed of internet connection before it also could be spread out to the business environment or entirely will be used for private purposes, but in the end there is too many advantages not stopping this evolution.

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