Layer 8: Gartner: 10 key IT trends for 2012 – Provisioning and Cloud Computing

Posted: 2. February 2012 in consultant

Layer 8: Gartner: 10 key IT trends for 2012.

Extracted from the link above I’d like to add on the following:

 9. Cloud computing While cost is a potential benefit for small companies, the biggest benefits of cloud computing are built-in elasticity and scalability. As certain IT functions industrialize and become less customized, such as email, there are more possibilities for larger organizations to benefit from cloud computing, according to Cappuccio.

To add on Cappuccio’s statement: In regards to cloud computing big companies also require automated processes in order to really take advantage of cloud computing. Provisioning, which is about automated delivery of services, is key to automated processes from an end-to-end perspective.

Based on integration principles provisioning handles multiple input channels for receiving requests from customers, their shops or any kind of interface.
SPML, which is Service Provsioning Markup Language, is just one way to get customer requests standardized for any service offered. SPML defines the container for data delivery only, and not the message content itself (which is also a rather good think in order to keep flexibility).

One of the major advantages of a provisioning platform is, it hides the complexity of the services hosted in the cloud and their interdependencies to each other.

… but these are topics for further posts and would blow up the “I’d like to add on the following” idea.

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