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iPhone App for taking pics

Posted: 24. April 2011 in thinker

This pic was taken using an iPhone App:


Some changes where made to the blog in order to ease maintanence and accessibility.

Now, this blog can be reached either via or

like it button

Posted: 17. November 2010 in thinker

Following a view on ‘Like it’ an ‘Don’t like it’ buttons.

If you want to let visitors of your site vote for something, please use a ‘like it’ feature, which is not requiring an account and registration. People won’t use it.

It should be just the click necessary to get the vote.

Input and feedback on tools appreciated…

Social Networks

Posted: 2. November 2010 in thinker

I recommend to not post work related emotions, options, feelings, results or insights to social networking communities, which allow a track back on concrete persons, projects or organizations.

You never know how people – perhaps important to you – react on this.

Furthermore, it might be not allowed anyway!