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I recently spend some thoughts on email etiquette and whether to follow the proposed rules or how to improve my and the others email sending behavior.

After reading tips such as “Top 26 Most Important Rules of Email Etiquette” or “Email etiquette” I tend to say that you should NOT follow any of these rules without considering the context your are writing an email´.

For instance – “Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT”:
Why should the usage be avoided if something is really urgent or important? There are so many unimportant emails that highlighting of something important could makes sense.

Or – “Do not overuse Reply to All”:
If someone starts using a certain distribution list, it certainly can make sense keeping all people in the loop, which requires using the reply all function multiple times. Otherwise, who is doing the de-briefing session, then!?

Certainly, this can be completed for all the other rules, but I do not want to break potential blogger rules 😉