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Searching with Google goggles is one example of how the Internet gets more and more extended by the Outernet (not this one ;-)) and how the digital life connects with the real life.

Various recently published articles (e.g. pressrelations) also describe the latest activities on new apps and devices supporting human beings to find information in real time.

This always reminds me of the move “Minority Report” from 2002, which is a science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the short story "The Minority Report" by Philip K. Dick (1956).

Now, today’s technology allows us to get exactly what we dreamt of years ago. Look:

or this one related more to the Outernet.

And of course, as the release of new apps and devices will become faster and faster also our life will be affected by it faster.

BUT how will people deal with all this new technology stuff?

What about those groups of people, who are not too much into technology or IT at all?

It is not only the report created in 2006 by the Communications Consumer Panel shedding some light on older people or people, who do not have regular interaction with technology.

I’ll stop here as this post could go in different directions …

However, the main message is said: Life becomes faster and more integrated with everything!