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Outernet – What is it!?

Posted: 8. December 2009 in observation
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Somehow related to Internet, but still not yet defined entirely; at least it seems there is still no common understanding on what “a Outernet” is.

Screening the net – or better the internet to be correct – does only show up a very few findings on definitions or use cases.

In summary, the Outernet is an extension of the Internet and brings the Internet into our real life.


The Urban Dictionary defines the Outernet as external reality, unlike the Internet which is the internal reality.

The Outernet as an extension allows users of it to:

  • Browse in real life to get data about user’s surroundings (e.g. Wikitude)
  • Take any device to access the Internet where ever you are, e.g.  mobile, computer, watch, net book, on wall screens, magazines
  • Integrate any information from the Internet into real life and vice versa, e.g. make a picture and get further information about it or get information on the next restaurant from the Internet and get your meal in real life
  • Consider surroundings actively in communications via Internet
  • Share messages, pics, voice streams, etc. to others in real time
  • Communicate with others over the net were ever you and they are

Babylon has provided a definition for Outernet as well, which links also to the terms “Matrix” and “the Net”.

Systems of computer networks that are not bundled on the Internet but nevertheless can be accessed to the Internet through gateways that translate outernet protocols into Internet protocols. The worldwide system of gateways is called the "Matrix" or "the Net".

Both, the Internet and the Outernet would make the Net”.

Nils Müller from Trend One also shares his view on the Outernet and highlights the current developments in Asia, Europe and the US.

Interesting to see is view on Shy-Tec, Print+ and printable loudspeakers … watch out:

Considering the speed of new apps and devices allowing us to bring the Internet to real life, there will be huge impact on us in the coming month and years.

I am confident that discussions about the Outernet will rise suddenly soon.