BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Posted: 21. February 2012 in consultant, thinker
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    blog post commented: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 14:48:14 +0000

    Thanks for the good post, very wide ranged covering a lot of aspects to be considered for managing employee devices.

    I agree, Buy your own device is a good step forward, but still not the situation skilled people are seeking for. They really want to bring in their own device, and expanding the selection of available devices would be leading to “but, what about this and that device – I am missing it on the list”.
    Furthermore, all listed cons are more than valid.

    However, in case companies go for “Buy your own device” they shouldn’t allow any device. In case of low quality devices the amount of time people are not productive might be increasing due to replacing not working devices (however, there is no statistics available, yet).

    A device consultancy could be an option there:
    In order to get from a long list of potential devices to a short list of really useful devices a consultancy could help, i.e. an employee must seek consultancy from someone, who understands the employee’s job and also provides best practices. This consultant also can rate the employee’s experience and knowledge on choosing what’s best for him.

    In case of providing users with cash the company shouldn’t be too narrow-minded in terms of “loosing” money. Differences between devices or left cash over the years is rather low compared to the time spend setting up rules and money transfer mechanisms.

    VDI seems to be THE option.
    Only, a stable and fast internet connection is required, e.g. drawing a PowerPoint presentation requires bigger bandwidth than just typing emails.
    Furthermore, storage and exchange of large file information are two things to be thought through.

    Anyway, from an overall company’s perspective a preferred way of IT consumeration.

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